Welcome to Heaven's Gate Farm
Lesson Horses

We are the Lesson Horses and Ponies of Heaven's Gate Farm. All of us take great Pride in being equine Teachers for Humans of all Abilities and Ages. Being in the Heaven's Gate Lessons Program allows to lease us, providing plenty of time for Free Rides on top of your Riding Lessons.
Lesson Horses Tye

My name is Tye, born in 2006. I belong to May May Exarus. Camp Kids say, that I am a nice, cute Pony and with an amazing style. I teach advanced Beginners, you have to test you rider before teaching them, right? I show in Marshall & Sterling League and jump 3ft easy.

Lesson Horses Harry

I am Harry, 17.2 Irish Sport Horse. Campers say, I am quiet and so loving. I am safe and sound and jump over small cross rails.

Lesson Horses Cowboy

My name is Cowboy. I am a great Pony who does it all from beginner to 3ft auto changes. I am a quiet, kind, smooth and good horse.

Lesson Horses Gator

Hi, I am Gator a med size pony, born 2001. The Kids say, I am funny, lovable, muddy and fluffy. Well, I am only muddy and fluffy because I am an excellent grooming teacher, it is all part of my thorough preparation. I am quiet and kind and can jump 2ft3 and get changes. I am quiet enough for a beginner but can do advanced lessons also.

Lesson Horses Tonka

Hi, I am Tonka, born 2008 and my owners, the Allens: Gracie, Rosie, Sarah and Sean all love me. They let me be in the lesson program and I love it! I am a cute, outstanding, fancy, little pony with lots of energy, but I never spook or buck or do anything bad. I am a good boy. I am just learning how to jump and I love it! Please come and meet me. Oh, I love treats when you come.

Lesson Horses Danny

My name is Danny. I am 15.3 TB Gelding, sweet and kind and I will do it all and jump right around .

Lesson Horses Chaz

I am Chaz, an amazing Lesson Pony. 14 hands and I jump right around. I do beginners to 2 ft 6, auto changes and I am very quiet and sound.

Lesson Horses Greta

My name is Gretta. I am a 16.3 hand Danish Warmblood and was born 1998. When I came to Heaven's Gate Farm last Winter I wasn't in very good shape. Thanks to the good care they took of me I am every ones favourite Lesson Horse now. My Students say, I am Fun to be with, lovable and really good with Kids. I am a indeed a very good Girl and always taking good care of my Riders. I do beginner lessons and advanced lessons and can jump 3ft but I do get excited when I jump big jumps. I never spook or do anything bad, ever! I enjoy taking care of all my riders.

Lesson Horses Dreamy

My name is Dreamy. I am owned by Terry VanAkin and I am a gorgeous, beautiful Paint Horse Mare with outstanding sky-blue Eyes. I can jump 2ft to 2ft6 and I get happy when I jump and excited when I am allowed to canter. I am quiet enough for beginners and lead liners, but advanced enough for outdoor courses. I have lived at Heaven's Gate Farm for 6 years now and I live next to Mister. Btw I have mastered the "look for treats without asking". I just look at the person I suspect to have treats and I always get some. If you come to visit, please keep that in mind and be prepared.

Lesson Horses Showboy

My name is Showboy. I am a 15h QH warmblood Gelding. I auto change and am a great ride for beginners. I jump up to 3 ft.

Lesson Horses Andy

Hi, I am Andy. I am not for Beginners. I am a 16.2 h very forward TB Gelding.

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