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My name is Beverly Flynn and I am the owner and operator of Heaven’s Gate Farm. Together with my husband, Mike,
I have been sharing the joy of horses with riding students for over 30 years.

Beverly Flynn and Esprit at Devon

Esprit and Bev at Devon

Beverly Flynn Dressage Lesson with Sahar Hirosh

Dressage Lesson with Sahar Hirosh

For as long as I can remember I have been enthralled with horses. Growing up, I would spend every possible weekend riding with my cousins and my uncle, who had horses.

As an adult, my interest in horses only grew. As soon as I was able, I bought my own horse. His name was Mister and I am proud to say, he lived in my stable for all his life untill he went over the rainbow bridge almost being 37 years old in 2014.. Together, Mister and I took lessons everyday. We could not learn fast enough. Over the years I had the excellent fortune of working with and learning from some of the best trainers in the business, including Jack Trainor, Frank Chapot, Ray Francis and George Morris – who still works with many of my students.

Even today I am still learning and training. I am fortunate to work with Sahar Daniel Hirosh one of the worlds most excellent Dressage Trainers who inspires me in every lesson to excell and grow with my horses.

For twenty years I rode the “A” circuit and won 2 National Championships with my horses Esprit and Grand Finale. I had champions in the Zone 2 Finals of the USEF competition and numerous ribbons at the Devon Horse Show. While competing with my horses was exciting, it did not compare to the thrill I found in teaching students. The first day I ever ran a summer camp, I finished the day and realized I had just spent one of the most fulfilling days of my life.

My love and passion for horses has inspired me to build this business, which began with one horse. Today, it has grown into a 12 acre farm, three stables full of horses we care for and countless students we have taught over the years.

For the horses we board, we provide exceptional facilities and compassionate care. For our students, we teach with structure, balance and a firm philosophy, on which every lesson is based. While our students are active in competitions on the local and National level, we foster an atmosphere of cooperation, rather than competition among them. They support and encourage one another. Heaven’s Gate Farm is not only a business to me. It is my life’s work. Among our horses and students, I am truly living my dream.

~ Beverly Flynn, August 2013.